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All of our technicians are experienced with servicing a variety of fixtures and systems. With a strong focus on long-term reliability, we are proud to partner with numerous property management companies for ongoing installs, repairs and maintenance, ensuring plumbing remains in optimal condition.

Your partner in prevention.


  • Leak Investigation and Repair chevron-down icon
  • Water Main Repair and Replacement chevron-down icon
  • Sump and Sewage Pumps chevron-down icon
  • Commercial Water Heaters chevron-down icon
  • Drainage Stack Cleaning chevron-down icon
  • Drain Cleaning and Repairs chevron-down icon
  • Backflow Assembly, Installs, Testing and Repair chevron-down icon
  • Gas Line Repair and Replacement chevron-down icon

“We have used Gary Muir Plumbing for all of our property management portfolio needs for decades. The staff has always been very pleasant to deal with and always very responsive to our needs—seemingly able to deal with all manner of challenges, night and day, 24/7.”

Newport Property Management

“We have worked with Gary Muir Plumbing for 15+ years. Along with helping our clients, we have used them personally on our own properties and homes. Gary Muir Plumbing solves issues effectively and quickly. Truly outstanding service.”

– D. Logan

Clover Residential Ltd.

“We have worked with Garry and his team for decades and cannot recommend them highly enough. They prioritize service and communication, no matter how big the problem or the time of day. We are happy to have such a great relationship with them!”

Proline Property Management

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